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It’s pretty unusual to feel uncomfortable about the status of your relationship at some time during your partnership. While it’s typically very obvious when one person wants to terminate a relationship, a person’s actions can occasionally be a little more difficult to comprehend. Take steps to examine your girlfriend’s conduct as objectively as possible if you believe she is trying to break up with you. Take measures to communicate with her about the condition of your relationship if it’s still unclear to you if she wants to split up or if she doesn’t appear to want to come open about it on her own.

How to know if your Girlfriend is cheating on you in a Long Distance Relationship

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1: Keep an eye on how frequently she calls you. 

 This may or may not be a clue that she wants to split up, but if she used to phone or text you every day but now only attempts to contact you once in a while and doesn’t respond when you contact her, something is wrong. [1] Make an effort not to leap to conclusions. First, consider what else could be going on in her life. Is she preparing for a huge exam or dealing with family issues? Has she recently begun a new job? There might be other reasons why she isn’t contacting you as frequently as she used to.

2: Establish an effort to make arrangements with her. 

If your girlfriend is interested in you, she will be eager to organise activities with you. If she isn’t, she will most likely be hesitant to make arrangements. If you offer anything on Friday night and she says she’ll have to get back to you on Friday afternoon, you can bet she’s waiting for something more exciting to come up. It’s crucial to realise that just because she does something like this once doesn’t indicate she wants to end the relationship. If it happened only once or twice, it’s possible she had pending arrangements with a buddy and wanted to confirm them before telling you she was unavailable.

3: Take note of how frequently she picks fights.

Fighting frequently is another symptom that your relationship is on the wane, especially if you quarrel over little issues.  Has she ever been irritated when you’re around? There are a variety of causes for this sort of behaviour (for example, she might be anxious about a huge deadline or not feeling well), but if it happens every day, it’s a good clue she isn’t happy in the relationship. Make an effort to speak with her about it. Inquire if there is anything that is causing her stress and if there is anything you can do to assist her.

4: Consider your level of physical closeness.

If you’re not experiencing as much physical intimacy as you used to, your relationship may be on the slide. [3] This may or may not be a reference to sex, but rather to how physically loving she is in general. If you have a sexual relationship with your girlfriend, but she has suddenly lost interest in it and isn’t showing you any affection, something about your relationship may be upsetting her. Keep this in mind if your partner isn’t usually very tactile with you. Some people don’t love physical closeness as much as others, and just because your partner doesn’t enjoy it doesn’t imply she doesn’t care about you. Did she used to like holding your hand but now avoids it?

5: Accept the conversation’s result 

Accept what she has stated, whether that means you no longer have a girlfriend or that you are still together. It’s time to start coping with the breakup if you break up. Believe her if she claims she’s happy and doesn’t want to end the relationship. Don’t keep asking whether she wants to end the relationship. This will irritate you and make you appear uneasy.

6: Allow her to leave.

It may not be what you want to do, but in certain circumstances, simply letting her leave may be the best option. If it’s clear that she’s unhappy in your relationship, but you’re hesitant to end it for one reason or another, be brave and show her how much you care about her happiness by ending it yourself. You may do this in a kind manner by being truthful. Tell her that you’ve noticed she’s been unhappy in your relationship for a long time and that you understand she doesn’t want to upset you, but it’s time to end it. It won’t make the breakup any easier, but it will offer you some control over the situation.

7: Allow yourself some time

You’ll need time to get over a romance. If you’re unhappy over the breakup of your relationship, try to remember that you’ll get over it eventually. There are plenty of other things you can do to make yourself feel better, but getting over it will take time. However, there is no predetermined time limit. It might be a matter of days, weeks, or months. Attempt to see each new day as a positive step forward.