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4 Important Common Reasons for Divorce - Astrology Articles

You’re fully aware that things between you and your husband aren’t going well. When you last spoke to each other, your spouse appeared severe, distant, and bitter. You anticipate them to come around, let go of the steam, and return to their usual self over time, as you always do. Instead, you return home one day to discover their things missing from their closets and a piece of paper on the dinner table with a divorce notification.

Why do couples break up?

There are several characteristics in a relationship or circumstances—the divorce causes—that may lead to couples seeking a divorce. If you can’t stand your relationship anymore, divorce may be the best alternative.

When spouses feel they have given everything they have to their relationship, they may decide that it is time to dissolve their marriage.

Do you believe something like this may happen in your life?

It’s fairly unusual for couples to argue and reconcile until they finally split apart. Don’t put off dealing with your relationship problems. You never know, your relationship may be heading down the same rough path!

How to know marriage will end in divorce ?

Although the number of marriages that end in divorce appears to be modest, the fact is that around 50% of marriages in the United States end in divorce. So, what year of marriage is the most usual for divorce? As a couple approaches their tenth wedding anniversary, marital satisfaction is considered to rise.

You might not be wrong if you believe you know why people get divorced or how many marriages end in divorce, but there are certain causes for divorce that you could never have predicted.

What are the ten most common causes of divorce? 

Here is a list of the most prevalent causes for divorce, along with divorce statistics. If you recognise any of these in your relationship, you must become more aware of your relationship’s direction. If you want the divorce problem Solution to really work for you, then 4 things related to of Astrology consultancy should be clear in your mind by consulting world famous Astrologer.


1: Extramarital affairs 

Extramarital affairs

When one person seeks fulfilment outside of the partnership, whether physical or sexual, the relationship might be doomed. When a spouse feels deceived, it is extremely difficult to regain trust. Extramarital affairs are responsible for 20-40% of marriages breaking down and ending in divorce. One of the most prevalent reasons for divorce is infidelity. The reasons why individuals cheat aren’t as simple as our rage would have us think. Cheating is frequently motivated by anger and resentment, as well as disparities in sexual desire and a lack of emotional connection.

2: Financial difficulties 

When a couple isn’t on the same page about how their finances will be handled, it may lead to disastrous consequences. Why is financial incompatibility the leading cause of divorce? According to divorce statistics, a “last straw” reason for divorce is a lack of financial compatibility, which accounts for about 41% of all divorces. Everything from divergent spending patterns and financial aspirations to one spouse having significantly more money than the other can stretch a marriage to the breaking point, resulting in a power struggle. Differences in the amount of money one spouse contributes to the marriage can also lead to power struggles in the marriage.

3: Communication breakdown

In a marriage, communication is critical, and not being able to communicate well and swiftly leads to anger and irritation for both partners, affecting all parts of the relationship.

On the other side, a strong marriage is built on effective communication. When two individuals share life, they must be able to communicate their requirements and comprehend and attempt to satisfy their partner’s demands.

In a marriage, yelling at your spouse, not communicating enough during the day, and using hurtful statements to express yourself are all unhealthy communication practices that should be avoided. Furthermore, when couples cease communicating with one another, they may feel alienated and lonely, and they may lose interest in one another.

4: Arguments 

Many couples are destroyed by constant fighting, which ranges from fussing over housework to battling about the kids.

Couples that appear to have the same disagreement again and over are frequently upset because they don’t feel heard or respected.Many people find it difficult to see the other person’s point of view, which leads to a lot of disagreements that never get resolved. For 57.7% of couples, this is a potential reason for divorce.

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