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"How do I find my soulmate?" according to astrology - Astrology Articles

“Find My Soulmate” sometimes seems like weaving a thread in the dark. Fortunately, free love astrology may be able to tell you who is compatible with you and whether or not you already have a partner. Learn how to use your astrological chart to find your soul mate right now with the help of this article.

Finding your soul mate is not easy. In fact, you may start to question whether there is any secret to “who is my soul mate”. Even when we don’t have all the answers, a hidden zodiac hack can help you find your true soulmate. That’s right, astrology can play a part in the solution. Therefore, anyone can benefit from this astrology mystery, regardless of their level of cosmic knowledge or commitment to zodiac determination.

How to draw natal chart to find your life partner

  1. Set the day, month and year of your birth.

You don’t need much more than these specifics to draw a natal chart for yourself. It is important that your information is accurate, so if you are not sure, try to locate your birth certificate. If you are planning to compare your chart with someone else’s (like your partner or your crush) get their information as well. Then Dainik astrology will help you to compare your chart.

  1. Look at your North Node, Mars and Venus as well as your seventh house.

You can get online astrology consultancy advice to determine who you are most compatible with and your potential soulmate using all three of these factors. Keep reading to learn how to use them to find your partner, and pay special attention to these in your natal chart!

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Seventh House Compatibility

  1. Look at your seventh house of rising sun sign

Acceding to world famous astrologer, your rising Sun sign is often on the left side of your natal chart, also known as your ascendant or seventh house. It will have the symbol of your rising zodiac sign, which can be any sign of the zodiac. Once you’ve determined your own rising zodiac sign, you can use it to learn more about your soulmate or potential romantic partners.

  1. Look at the sign in front of your seventh house.

You are compatible with the sign that is rising opposite you. For example, if Pisces is your rising sign, then Virgo is your best match. Your natal chart will undoubtedly show that opposites attract you.

Aries and Libra are two opposite zodiac signs.

  • Scorpio and Taurus
  • Sagittarius and Gemini
  • Capricorn and Cancer
  • Aquarius and Leo
  • Pisces and Virgo
  1. Find your life partner whose zodiac sign is exactly opposite to yours.

Once you know who your opposite zodiac sign is, you can try to find your soul mate! When you are looking for a partner, try to find someone whose sign is opposite to yours. You are more likely to get along better with them than with any other zodiac sign.

Relation of Mars And Venus

  1. Check the Mars and Venus degrees of your chart.

Mars tells you who you will be most sexually attracted to, while Venus tells you how you will be happiest. You can find the key to interpreting the degrees of Mars and Venus in your chart at the bottom of your birth chart. Look at those stats and keep them in mind so you can compare them.

  1. Evaluate the degrees on someone else’s chart.

If you and your soulmate are compatible, your Mars and Venus will be about 10 degrees apart. For example, if your Mars is at 15 degrees, your partner’s Mars should ideally be between 10 and 20 degrees.

  1. Find a partner whose degrees of Mars and Venus are most similar to yours.

Your chances of finding your soulmate depend on how close the degrees are in your charts. Ask them to check their birth charts when looking for a date, then compare the degrees of your Mars and Venus. Your Mars and Venus may be closer to the person you end up with.

Moon Compatibility North Nodes

  1. View the Dates of Your North Node

As the Moon circles the hemisphere, it crosses the ecliptic, which reflects Earth’s orbit with respect to the sky, at its north node. This usually indicates that you will meet your soul mate when your North Node awakens in your life. Consult with our best astrologers usa online to determine your exact North Node dates and when you will find your soul mate.

  1. Compare Your North Node Dates to Another Person’s Dates

It is more likely that when you meet your soulmate, the two of you have already gotten along and become close. Many astrologers think that when you share Nodes with someone else, you automatically feel a spiritual connection to them.

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