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How to Convince Your Parents for Love Marriage - Astrology Articles

Marriage is regarded as a holy institution in India, particularly. Marriage is seen as a very respectable institution in the eyes of both young and old people. However, due to the age discrepancy, children and parents often have opposing viewpoints about marriage. On the other hand, while children have an unrestricted sky to soar in, few parents have bound themselves to the handcuffs of society, tradition, rituals, culture, religion, and so on.

When such parents’ children desire to marry the girl or guy of their choosing, the squabble begins. This is where effective communication is crucial. In this piece, we’ll look at how to approach your parents about marrying a guy or girl of your choosing, as well as how to persuade them.

How to convince  your parents  for Love marriage

1: Befriend your parents:

Even though children love their parents, it is common for them to have a strained relationship with them or a communication gap between them. It might be because their thinking differs from their parents’, and they begin to ignore or rebel against them, or that their parents are supplanted by their friends, schoolwork, and personal lives.

You want your parents to accept your decision since you’ve made up your mind to marry the person of your choice. The greatest approach is to begin cultivating a positive relationship with your parents. Spending meaningful time with your parents is the first step. You should aim to build such a bond with them that you may gradually begin to speak up about your own life in front of them.

Additionally, make an effort to spend time with them, discuss your friends’ themes, and gain insight into your parents’ perspectives on your friend’s relationship troubles or issues that are similar to yours.

Here’s an example:

Mom, do you remember my friend rima?

Her cousin’s marriage was fraught with complications. The man belonged to a different ethnic group, caste, and a variety of other characteristics. Their parents were eventually persuaded, and the couple is now happily married. They’ve accepted the boy, which surprises me.

 It’s quite strange, right?

This is only an example; similar stories can be written. The goal is to have a better understanding of your parents’ viewpoints and reactions so that you can predict how things will pan out for you. Begin discussing your feelings about marriage and life partners with your parents. If you’ve reached a particular age, there’s no harm in bringing this subject up with your parents. Every parent has fantasies of witnessing their children marry.

This is a topic that you can occasionally bring up in the middle of a discussion. This allows you to indirectly highlight the things that are important to you. For example, the education, compatibility, and support of your spouse, as well as the elements that aren’t important, such as caste, creed, or community.

2: Your parents will be aware of your views on marriage as a result of this. 

Your parents may react or dismiss it at that moment, not taking it seriously, but attempt to maintain contact with them. Your cupid might be found in any of your parents.

You’ve gotten along well with your parents by now, and you’ve also shared your views and ideas about marriage with them. Now you must determine which of your parents has been more disposed to you. As that parent, you’d be playing cupid for your marriage and relationship selection.

So, after you’ve decided, it’s time to present your soon-to-be life partner to that person – whether it’s your mother or father. It’s possible that s/he won’t be convinced and will be taken aback by your confession. However, attempt to describe your connection to your parent as calmly as possible.

3: Make sure your points are more practical.

Use the assistance of your parents’ older relatives or relatives that your parents appreciate and respect. If your parents are still resolute about not supporting your decision, you might enlist the help of your extended family, or relatives. You might try to persuade your grandparents or other relatives who are older than your parents and with whom you feel comfortable communicating. It’s possible that your parents will be persuaded by them. This might be key in persuading your parents. The more support you have from your own close family, the more likely your parents are to strive to understand and support you.

4. Tell us about the girl/boy.

Now it’s time for you to present your companion. Give your spouse and yourself some time. Allow both the bride’s and groom’s families to meet! The most essential thing is to have a comfortable relationship with your partner and your own family. And after your family has begun to trust and like your spouse, it’s time to get your parents together and set up dates!

It’s difficult to persuade some conservative and traditional parents, but it’s not impossible.

Keep in mind that you must be patient, positive, and empathic to your parents’ feelings during the process. Every parent wants their children to be happy and blessed, as I previously stated.

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